After the marriage suddenly changed ?? What is the point to identify a man who will be a troubled husband before marriage?

Before marriage, someone who said, “I’m really good at him now! It’s a waste of me” and “I’m the first person to think of me” Have you ever seen a muttering saying “I was deceived …”


If such a person is nearby, ask why. Surely, there are stories like “before and after marriage, you become like another person” and “there is no good thing”.

I don’t want to regret after getting married. This time, I will introduce a few points to identify men who will suddenly change after marriage.

■ 1. Mazacon

A man who already feels that he is dating, “This person might be a bit like a mazacon …” could be quite a mazacon. When you get married, you may come to give your mother priority over you.

In addition, we want marriage partner to have mother! If you are wondering, you may want to do whatever you want when you get married. You’ll be tired if you get along like that.

■ 2. The desire to marry is stronger than you

A man who has a strong desire to get married so close to you that you can get married early not. So, once you get married, you can suddenly change your attitude. It is in this state that “we do not feed the fish we caught”.

■ 3. Just kind, too kind

“I will do everything” “I have no fault” “Pamper me” Some women may be glad to be proud of such things, but only for such men, after marriage, “Suddenly” I often hear stories that change suddenly, such as “It’s getting cold” or “I’m just going to sleep and don’t care.”

You may be tired of trying too hard … Maybe he’s a bit cold before he gets married, or maybe he’s just right!

All types are very gentle before marriage, and if you suddenly lose interest or become completely different when you suddenly change after marriage, damage to you Is very large. “Because you were such a good person before marriage …”, be careful when deciding on a marriage, so as not to mess with me later.


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