Arasah girls who are eager for marriage are NG behaviors that keep them from getting married more and more? 

The situation surrounding Arasah girls is quite responsive for singles, as somehow men see themselves differently and marry more and more. “I don’t care about anything.” Perhaps the impatience has furthered the marriage.


In this issue, we will introduce some of the NG behaviors of Arasah girls who are eager to get married.

■ I try to get back with my old boyfriend

“At that time I broke up without any thoughts, but if I think now, the former boyfriend may not be bad.” I will complain like this and it will not work.

Also, when I persistently emailed the ex-boyfriend, there seemed to be some people who couldn’t get up because they had a counterpunch saying, “I’m already there.” Anyway, pasting is not a good idea.

■ Seek darkness

Anyway, encounter something! With that in mind, don’t ask a friend for help and don’t meet people introduced by friends or join a joint party or town party like every week. It’s very important to seek for an encounter, but it is better to aim and take action to avoid extra effort. If you understand your own strike zone yourself and ask for an encounter, you should be less likely to be depressed by saying “I was losing today.”

■ You are yourself! Will open again

“I’m me. I’m swept away and getting married.” “I want to get married, but I don’t have to get married around.” Still OK! It’s a couple of years in no time … If you have a sense of selfishness, it might be a good idea to swipe a little around.

If you miss your marriage or childbirth rush, you will feel like your surroundings will go further and faster, and it is inevitable that you will be impatient. However, if you try to do what you can do now, it may be surprisingly fast.


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