Asked the boys in their 30s! At that time, how much does the man look at his underwear?

Asked the boys in their 30s! At that time, how much does the man look at his underwear?

Stay tonight! On such a day, you will be careful when choosing your underwear. I guess many women will come out with expensive “game underwear” all over the place, but how much do men see women’s underwear “at that time”? This time, we interviewed male office workers in their thirties.

  • Men who do not care

Although it suddenly comes to a conclusion, it seems that there are quite a lot of men who do not see and do not care about women’s underwear.

Because in that case, it is usually in the dark. In addition to the situation where you can only see your eyes if you look down, you concentrate on “how to take off your underwear.”

The feelings such as “It’s cool to take off your underwear when you’re nervous”, “Let’s take it off naturally while kissing” and “I think it’s horny if you look at it too much” are in my head. Many men can’t look at women’s underwear properly because of their excitement, the pride they want to cool, and the knowledge they can’t buy elsewhere.

Surprisingly, what is considered important in such an invisible environment is the “touch”. “I like the smooth, silky feel of silk rather than the 100% cotton sports type,” and the comment “The ruffled frills feel like” I touched a place I shouldn’t touch! ” “There is a strange excitement.”

  • Where are the concerned parties looking?

Of course, not all men have seen women’s underwear. Even in the dark, some men check women’s underwear closely.

However, the point to worry is a little different from women.

“I’m worried about the color, design, and degree of exposure. However, I’m particularly worried that the edges of my underwear are digging into my body.” They seem to see it with a sense of unity with the woman’s body rather than the underwear itself.

  • Be careful with “impossible underwear” only!

Those who look at underwear and those who do not have something in common. It is the opinion that such underwear is not possible.

Naturally, dirty underwear and worn-out underwear are often worrisome even for those who don’t see it, and no matter how close they are, they will be disillusioned. Also, be careful with “underwear with a large cover area”, as there is a high probability that you will feel ill. After all, sexyness seems to be required somewhat.

There seems to be a certain number of people who are worried about whether the top and bottom are set or not, and commented, “If the top and bottom are separated, myself will not be used to that extent.

Taken together, these opinions suggest that clean and beautiful underwear is a major premise, and that it is unlikely that you will have to buy super-luxury “game underwear” to show men. Many men think, “I don’t know if the price of underwear is high or cheap,” “it’s OK if it looks good,” “any color or pattern is fine.” Rather, it is reasonable, so it may be better to have various types.

Finally, for men, “yourself” is the only thing that interests and seeks. Remember that men are so embarrassed in their underwear.


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