Autumn is a great opportunity to enjoy perfume! Find your favorite and direct yourself

Autumn is a season when sweat and smell are not bothersome. In such a comfortable time, it is best to find a perfume that suits you! If you already have a favorite, you can try a new scent! If you haven’t found it yet, why not take this opportunity to choose the perfect perfume for yourself? The scent is an item that impresses the person. However, in some cases, it is often said that it makes the other person uncomfortable. In order not to make such mistakes, master the common sense of perfume selection and try to maximize the new charm.

■ 1. Types of scents and manners of perfume

Did you know that there are different types of scents? The scents are classified into five categories: “Oriental” with a sexy impression, “Sypre” with a unique image, “Floral” with a gentle atmosphere, “Citrus” for a refreshing look, and “Green” for a natural feel. Basically, you choose what you feel comfortable and what you find intuitively good. Also, the scent may change with body temperature and the secretion of sweat. It is a good idea to keep a few of them so that you can use them properly according to the season or scene. Discontinue use of old items or items that have been left unused for many years, as they can irritate the skin and cause trouble.

■ 2. Check the type of perfume and the duration of the scent!

There are several types of perfumes, based on the “perfume duration”. The typical ones are as follows. Check it out on the perfume package.

  • Perfume / Perfume: 5-7 hours ● Eau de Parfum: 4-6 hours ● Eau de Toilette / Eau de Cologne: 1-3 hours

Which one are you using now? For example, in the case of perfume, if you turn it on before going out in the morning, it is enough to change it once in the evening. Some people feel the same smell strongly and others do not, and the way they feel depends on their gender, age, and physical condition. In some cases, such as restaurants and cafés, seats for condolences and condolences, strong fragrances may not be appropriate, so be sure to use them with consideration for the scene.

■ 3. Put on your thighs

Regarding which part of the body the perfume is applied to, it is often applied to the back of the earlobe after being applied to the wrist. This can irritate the opponent’s sense of smell, which can be annoying. Therefore, the most ideal method is to spray on the ankles and thighs quickly, considering the scent properties of rising from the bottom up. At this time, do not mix or mix fragrances at once. The sense of smell is easily paralyzed, so special care must be taken when wearing a strong scent.

■ 4. Enjoying the sight is the real pleasure of perfume

It is true that how perfume is made is unknown. First, in order to get closer to the fragrance imagined by the perfumer, we repeat the trial production from the selection of fragrances. In addition, the design of the bottle is completed as a single work by the designers and producers stuck to the details such as form and color according to the image. Let’s enjoy the scent of the bottle and the design of the bottle.

■ On the ladder

Perfumes are packed with the creator’s commitment to ideas, sensibilities, and philosophy. The perfume I met there should not be exaggerated to say that it is a gem of fate.


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