Beautiful words are beautiful girls

Even if you convey the same content, the choice of words will change the impression given to the other person. Think about choosing words that make a good impression.


■ “Silly” puzzles opponents

I am sorry for my personal affairs, but the other day I happened to see a popular celebrity while walking around the city. When I remembered that a friend said she liked the celebrity, she said, “I saw Mr. な い!” .

Perhaps she said “sly” with the nuances of “enviable” or “nice”. Since I knew her original character, I was able to see the true meaning behind the word “sly”, but it was still a bit surprised. If you have a short relationship, you may not be able to communicate.

It is safer to avoid words with a negative meaning, such as “sly”, as much as possible.

■ “Are you angry?”

This is an event that occurred during an exchange on SNS. I have asked questions in response to my remarks. I simply returned “I’m fine”, but was it too simple … “Isn’t that angry?”

Quite a few women use the word “are you angry?” When he felt that his attitude wasn’t inconsistent, such as slow replying to LINE or emails, or having a hard time setting a date, he said, “Is she angry?” Absolutely not.

“You’re angry,” people feel uncomfortable when others let your emotions settle. Some people may feel that they are being blamed.

If you just feel the attitude of a man, it’s better to ask him / her cutely.

■ “Dating” is a useful word

A woman who is actively appealing to a man she wants, but who does not get much results, may have difficulty understanding the word choice.

For example, when inviting to a meal or drinking. “Let’s go go” and “let’s go drink” are no mistake, but depending on how they are interpreted, some men may think that they are simply invited to eat or drink and do not notice your favor. You.

The word “date” is useful. If you throw a straight ball saying “Let’s date,” you’ll notice even the most insensitive men. It may be a little shy, but that shyness will also be a good spice.

Conversation can be awkward if you are too careful about choosing words, but if you do something as much as you can, your impression on men will change a lot. The degree of mote will change if the impression changes.


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