Because you misunderstand it! Five moments when a man thinks “I like you?”

I’m very happy to be liked by those who like it.

But when people approach me, “Well, I didn’t intend to do that,” I feel awkward.

He said to him, “That was such a good atmosphere …” but he said, “I didn’t give a” good atmosphere! Please misunderstand me. ” But that may be your cause.

In the end, you can even make a paranoid rumors like “I was played!”

So, this time, let’s take a look at the behaviors that make you misunderstand a man from the “goo behavior of women who think you like me” in the goo ranking.

■ 1: Sending “chat mail” without contact information

“Good morning” “I tried LINE because I haven’t contacted recently”

I don’t know what to do, but why not contact me to kill time? The other person seems to have misunderstood, “I’d like to talk to me, especially if I’m not in contact with me!”

It’s a secret that the true psychology is that “anyone is fine” instead of “me”.

■ 2: Called by “name below”

I’m a private friend, and I don’t want to feel unfriendly, so what I call “Punk” by the name below seems to be a misleading point.

Does the feeling that women are reducing their distances remind them of love? However, it’s weird to add “san” to the surname, and I’d like you not to misunderstand about the name.

■ 3: Listening to “private things” at the connection

Have you ever heard of private things like “What are you doing on holidays?” “What are your hobbies?”

If the story develops from there, it’s a profitable mon, even in a chat that only thinks to the extent, the other party may misunderstand “I am interested in me !?”

■ 4: I listen to my concerns sincerely (pretend)

He is worried. If you say “yes”, “you’re doing your best” or “you can’t help” seriously, he’ll catch him in a different way, saying “I’m working so hard …!” Maybe

The fact that men show weakness to women is evidence that they allow considerable heart. When you’re in sync, you may be hooked on your opponent’s pot.

■ 5: I don’t know how to end LINE

LINE exchanges many times a day as if it were going to be endless.

I don’t know how to end it until I go to bed … A person who has such a trouble may be a “magical woman” that misleads a man.

This is just “I’m in trouble because I don’t know where to end”, but from the point of view of my opponent, “I want to talk to me and I can’t help talking”.

When you’re done, you’ll have to get some poor guys into mass production if you don’t have the techniques to finish them a little dry.

How was it? Looking at it this way, it seems that every casual action of a woman is misleading a man. If you are always embarrassed by strange people, why not reconsider your behavior again?


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