Cool men’s direct biography, 8 characteristics of men who should not go out [Part 2]

Let’s continue to introduce the characteristics of men who are safer if they do not go out this time.

■ 1. A man with few male friends

If you have very few male friends, you may want to judge that there is some kind of “habit”. There are many cases, such as lack of coordination, selfish type, or immersion in a hobby that you do not understand, so it seems necessary to find out what is the cause. If you check how he spends his holidays and understand who he often goes out with, he will gradually see his relationship with his male friends.

■ 2. Man who can’t say thanks

Some men can’t say the natural word “thank you” when someone asks them to do something. It seems that there are many people who have not struggled in their life so far, and who have been asked to do anything because they are popular.

Not being able to do what a man, not a man, can lead to major failures. When you give him some kind of support, pay attention to what kind of attitude he takes and check out the other person’s humanity!

■ 3. A man who drags old love

I think I’ve heard the phrase “Men’s love is saved with a name, women are overwritten”. In fact, men tend to cherish past love, and many say that they are trailing old love.

It’s good to keep your past romance as a memory, but remembering it forever and worrying about it or taking a second step seems to be worthless. In addition, the type of dragging the old love forever is a type with unexpected roots, so it is better to be careful about troubles during romance.

■ 4. A man who tells lies and bitches

Remember that most of the stories are lie, bitches, and excuses, and there are types that open up and create a negative mood. Sometimes trying to harden a lie with a lie, the lie grows bigger and bigger.

You might think that when you lie, you lose your trust. Choosing a nicer man with a more human touch should be happier, as it is possible to live a life without content, only on the surface.

How was it? It’s a point of view from the male side, but I think there was a point where we could nod greatly. Please use it as a reference when choosing a partner in the future or thinking about the future with him now!


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