Eight effective ways to go out with him and dating [Part 2]

Next, let’s introduce four words and actions that make him easy to take with you this time!

■ 1. “Hotel reservation!”

It is important that you show a positive attitude in order to make him feel that way. “There seems to be an event like this.” “So, I’ll make a hotel reservation.” If you don’t give him enough time to plan against it, you’ll have a high chance of going out for a date. Will be able to

Also, when booking a hotel, I think it’s better to choose carefully with him so they can have a good time. I would like to be able to make reservations for a hotel that will satisfy each other, taking into account not only the problem of money but also the facilities and surrounding environment of the hotel.

■ 2. Wait where you went in the past

If you set the location of the memories you went out with before on the phone’s standby screen, you will think he has to make more wonderful memories. Let’s put it near him so you can see the standby screen, and appeal to him, “I’ve been to that old trip, I really enjoyed it.”

■ 3. Appeal with memories of travel destinations

Take in front of him the stories of your travel experiences that you have ever experienced. This is OK not only for trips with him, but also with friends! If you see him talking lively, he will surely feel like “I’ll take him on a trip.” Please try to appeal to him with your own words, such as “The sweets of that shop were really delicious” and “Travel is really fun”!

■ 4. Make travel stories from a couple of friends

I think he’s heavier than a couple of friends. For example, “A child, recently you traveled to Okinawa with your boyfriend!” Or if you have a friend who has actually traveled and you get a souvenir from that friend, show him a souvenir please. If you add at the end, “Nice. It looks like traveling is fun.” If you add 90%, you can think that you have a travel opportunity.

If he is lost in the destination, it seems better to come up with the idea, “How about here?”, “I want to go to that hot spot!” It is difficult to decide on your own, so please discuss with us and decide on a destination!

How was it? If you want an outing date, it’s important to take action from the female side first. Rather than waiting for him to take action, let’s appeal more and get a chance here!


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